Maurice Jarre

von Alan Lomax und Rick Deckard  -  30. März 2009, 18:40  -  #Vergessene Helden

Dear Mr. Jarre,

besides Mozart and Beethoven you were the first one who enlightened and opened my passion for music, in this case especially for filmmusic.

It was a landmark in my life listening to the music you composed for the unforgettable movies of David Lean. These were very special, precious and rare moments in my own history and I was shattered to read about your death. There were and are only few artists who were so fond about music as you were in general and in your field. This became apparent everytime I had the privilege and possibility to listen to your compositions. I remember the very first time when I followed Lawrence through the desert acommpanied by your score and it makes me shiver.

Great moments... !

Later when I saw 'Dr. Zhivago' it was again you who, to say it in a very simple way, made me happy. As a rare moment in filmhistory people all over the world were whistling that tune, not only afficionados like me. I tried to get insight and kept wondering what makes the difference between human beings like you and the rest of us. The answer is, I guess, a very simple one: you had passion in life, otherwise such overwhelming results wouldn't be possible. But besides passion also a great sense for art and a god given talent.

In the end there is only one thing to say that not in the least makes up with what you have achieved and done:

Thank you Monsieur Jarre! 

This is a very sad day for me today because you are and have been one of my heroes.

You guided me through a very difficult time, I think for everyone during some years, and for this reason it is even more hard. I hope people, the tend to do so very easily, won't forget you.



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